Health: Best Foods for Healthy Teeth and Gums

Brush teeth twice in a day, plashing are important to healthy teeth. But you know what, there are some foods that can help us to better dental health? Children, we often say, Do not eat more chocolate. It is tooth decay. Some foods to avoid to keep good teeth, as well as the need to eat something for healthy teeth. Milk contains calcium and phosphorus. These ingredients are good for teeth and bones. Drinking milk every day is good for Dental enamel . However, if you have a milk allergy or lactose intolerance, then You can eat soy milk instead of milk. The cheese is very good meal to keep healthy dental. Cheese helps to create saliva. These include calcium and phosphorus. It neutralize of mouth acid. It keep good teeth.

Apple produced saliva. This is to prevent tooth decay. There are plenty of vitamins and minerals. These are not only the teeth, are good for health. Eating an apple after a meal, it also helps to keep your teeth clean. Orange contains calcium, vitamin C and vitamin D. They are good for health and dental. Orange juice is naturally keeps bacteria from the mouth. Orange juice is natural acidic. After eating the orange juice should be Brush and floss.

There are different types of vitamin and mineral in Nut. The nut contains calcium. There are iron, folic acid, thiamin, magnesium, niacin, vitamin E, B-6, potassium, zinc. These are good for teeth. Tooth enamel is strong part of the body. How much water is beneficial for health, it does not need to say anymore. But the basic elements water produced saliva. It meets the needs of dentists required mineral. It helps Remove food particles from between the teeth. therefore the teeth and gums are good. In addition, water keep wet gum. For that The gum is good.